Submitting documents and paying consular fee

Requirements for documents

To obtain a visa, the following documents must be submitted to the consular section of the Embassy:

— completed visa application form (download the approved form);

— one photograph, 35 x 45 mm, the photograph should be no more than 6 months old (full face, against a flat light background, high quality clarity, without folds and ink, the face should occupy 70-80 percent of the vertical size of the image);

— passport (without cover, paper clips, rubber bands and other foreign objects, has at least 2 blank pages, valid for at least 90 days from the end of the trip);

— copy of the passport;

— original visa support document;

— a medical insurance contract drawn up in the office of “ASIA Insurance” or “Saman Insurance” companies (must contain the name, surname, patronymic (if any) of the insured foreign citizen, the validity period must cover the period of departure or temporary residence of a foreign citizen to the Republic of Belarus, the amount must be at least 10,000 euros);

— confirmation of payment of the consular fee.

To make a decision on issuing a visa, a consular officer may request additional documents.

Consular fee payment procedure

The consular fee is charged in US dollar, its amount depends on the type of consular action. Payment is made at the nearest branch of Melli Bank according to the details received at the consular section of the Embassy, the amount of the consular fee is specified directly upon contact.

For more information call 22752229.


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