Trade and economic cooperation

Over 28 years of diplomatic relations, Belarus and Iran have reached a high level of economic cooperation, as evidenced by regular contacts at the leadership level of the two countries.

Delegations are exchanged at the level of ministers and their deputies, as well as at the level of experts in the field of industry, agriculture, transport, as well as business representatives.

In 2019, in Teheran, deputy foreign ministers among other topics discussed the most pressing problems of trade and economic cooperation. In 2019, under the auspices of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, a visit of Iranian business circles to Belarus was organized.

The main obstacle to the development of economic cooperation remains the current US sanctions, blocking bilateral cooperation in a number of important areas. Despite the existing restrictions, the trade turnover between Belarus and Iran in 2020 amounted to 24,7 million US dollars.

The main articles of Belarusian exports to Iran in recent years have been tires, wood products and newsprint, bearings and other industrial products. Iran supplies fruits and dried fruits, nuts, medical devices and devices, medicines to Belarus.

An important stage in the development of bilateral cooperation between the two countries was carrying of the 14th meeting of the Joint Belarusian-Iranian Commission on Economic Cooperation on January 22-23, 2018, following which a Roadmap for the development of cooperation between the Republic of Belarus and the Islamic Republic of Iran was signed for 2018-2020 and a number of agreements in the trade and economic sphere.

Currently, together with the Iranian side, active work is underway to prepare for carrying out in Minsk in the first half of 2021 15th meeting of the Joint Commission.


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